About Me

"Hatched By Two Chicks" stemmed from the one thing that motivated us to not only venture into the world of apparel, but also motivated us to continue our journey to grow and establish ourselves as a brand. This important & fundamental ingredient has and always will be one thing; Family.

Brainstorming and pondering ideas of heart filled and lovable emotions, which later we captured into designs and printed onto clothing, were everyday thoughts; but our plans were never put into motion until our ultimate inspiration, the birth of our newborn Anayenise, came knocking at our door.

Along with her, and the guidance and and helpful suggestions from Sulliana & Joshua, our Daughter & Son, we began to make clothing for parents of the same sex, an idea that has which never been thought upon. I realized this during my pregnancy when searching for infant pride shirts, which were virtually rare to come across. So instead of searching, I began creating.

I'm a firm believer in the "Their is no I in team" ethic, and the origins of every design proves this to be true. Like all the ingredients in a perfect recipe, every single being in this family brings something different to the team, making our final product tasteful.  From Sully's strict but caring judgment on designs, to Josh's happy & enthusiastic ideas, we always seem to come up with an amazing end product that we can all say we honestly love, in which I'm sure you will love too.